I was eating lunch with a friend (who had also been a pastor before changing jobs) a few years ago and made the comment that I thought church had become far more complicated than God ever intended when the early church began in the book of Acts. In those early days I doubt believers were too caught up in the whole idea of what we’re going to do next week to keep the momentum going from this week. Or, how do we get those first time guests to come back again? I also doubt they got caught up in the whole competitive thing of trying to out program the church down the street.

So why are we so consumed with our performance as churches? When did we become more concerned with our position in the market place and our unique features as a church rather than celebrating what Christ has done and is doing in our lives? How did our machinery get to be so big and complicated that it has become more of our focus than equipping the people to do the work of ministry?


…more coming soon!