… continued from Part 1

Lest you write me off as some sort of disgruntled, out of touch midwesterner who doesn’t understand the unique demands of today and the need for marketing and positioning, I should remind you that my profession is in marketing. I fully understand the need to state your distinctives and your position in the marketplace in order to attract the audience you’re targeting. I know how competitive the marketplace is and how hard you have to work to gain and retain customers. I’m very familiar with marketshare and the challenge to maintain it once you’ve achieved it. My problem is not in understanding these things, my problem is that we seem to have boiled the church down to a set of marketing principles and have just become another consumer product of American society. Was this God’s idea?

What happened to the notion of us going into the world and being Christ to those around us. Aren’t we supposed to be God’s evangelists? How can we evangelize if we’re busy supporting the activities of the 7 day a week church? Who has time for evangelism? Have we converted the church into some sort of holy, “members only” community center so we don’t have to go to the real community center where the “sinners” hang out? Has the church become our hired hands when it comes to evangelism?

There are no easy answers to these and a multitude of other questions. That’s part of what makes it so complicated! Forgive me if I sound angry, I’m not. I’m passionate! My soul hungers for authentic Christian community. Not the cheap, consumer version being replicated across America. I wonder what God thinks about all of this?

Just another stream of consciousness. Thanks for reading!