Yesterday at church the guest speaker made a statement that made me go, “HUH?” During his sermon he listed several iconic brainiac types and then made an observation that Jesus was not on this list of intelligent people. He went on to say that he’d never seen a list of the world’s most intelligent people that DID include Jesus and He couldn’t figure that out, because he believes Jesus is the most intelligent man that ever lived. I mean no disrespect (to either this speaker or Jesus) but I’d have to disagree.

It’s not that I think Jesus lacks intelligence, but more that Jesus is divine and not limited by any human measurement of brain power. Intelligence is far too finite to impose on the Son of God. I’m all for seeing Jesus as approachable and real, but intelligent? That’s not even a word on my radar when it comes to describing Jesus.

Most loving? Yes! Most gracious? Without a doubt! Most forgiving? Absolutely! Most caring? Definitely! I could go on but you get what I’m saying. The IQ of Jesus is of no concern to me. I wonder if this same speaker has another sermon that reveals Jesus’ Myers-Briggs profile? OK, I crossed the line there.

Here’s my point: When we talk about Jesus let’s talk about Him in terms that matter.