I am a very blessed man, and have been my entire life (blessed, I mean; I’ve not been a man my entire life, and some may argue I’ve still not grown up)! My two brothers and I were raised in a middle class suburban home by parents who loved us, modeled Christ-like parenting and marriage, and after more than 50 years are still married to each other. We were sort of like a Conservative Christian version of the Cleavers, except my mom didn’t wear pearls because wearing jewelry wasn’t appropriate in our branch of Christianity. Actually there were a lot of things that weren’t appropriate. Fortunately we’ve grown beyond most of those things and my brothers and I are pretty normal looking and acting — even my parents.

I grew up, left home, went to a Christian college, met a girl, got married and soon after started a family. Within a few years we had three kids and began living a modified version of the Cleavers — very modified. Even I wear jewelry sometimes! Currently my wife Jacque and I live in the Kansas City area where I am Director of Operations at Premier Studios, a leading brand-experience marketing authority, fusing strategy, technology and creativity. Until a few years ago I was a pastor having served in various parts of the country. Our children are all grown and most days we enjoy having an empty nest. Most of my perspectives on life are flitered by the lenses of marriage, parenting, ministry and marketing.


One Response to “About Mark”

  1. Brian Patterson Says:

    Hi, Mark. I just happened on your blog. Michael and I have been communicating regarding some of your topics here. May I join in?

    You know where I come from! Where I am now is the most glorious experience but far from Overland and Pinecrest!


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