I’ve always been a thinker. Not necessarily a deep thinker, just a thinker. I think about a variety of subjects and my mind tends to race very fast, changing topics frequently. I’ve always been this way and most of my life have had a desire to share my thoughts with others — typically in a somewhat loud and passionate manner. The older I get the more things I have to say, which is pretty scary given my history for speaking out.

As I’ve gotten older the desire to share my thoughts with others is not so much about being right or being the loudest, it’s about the conversation generated. It’s about stimulating thought in others and hearing their thoughts. I didn’t start this blog because I have a bunch of answers. In fact, I have more questions now than I’ve ever had in my life. This is more about organizing my streams of thought into paragraphs and hoping they stimulate some kind of response from others, otherwise I’m really just talking to myself. So jump into the stream and join the conversation. If nothing strikes you the first time you’re here then hopefully it will the next time.


One Response to “About Streams”

  1. Dave Katz Says:

    Hi Mark:

    I’ve lost touch with you so long ago, but searched for you today. I hope you are doing well. I remember loving your leadership, music, and worship at New Hope in Chandler AZ all those years ago. Do you still not wear socks?

    I’m in Cary, NC now, with my wife Laura and 2 small kids Edward & Victoria. I work for Cisco and also as a career coach.

    I noticed Tom Wilson passed away in 2006. Just learned this today. He was only 66.

    Catch me up on you, would love to know what you are doing.

    Your old pal,

    Dave Katz

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