I am by nature a pretty positive guy. I can’t help it, I just look on the bright side of life. There are other people whose natural tendency is to see things from more of a bleak perspective. Then there are those who just seem to be pissed off: they’re angry people. Many of those pissed off people have blogs and the thing they love to write about is how much the church has disappointed them, hurt them, or otherwise stifled them as they’ve gone through life. 

To get the full picture you need to understand that at the same time these pissed off at the church people are unleashing their wrath on the church, they also write about a God of love, forgiveness, grace, peace and how much they love this God. Interesting disconnect. I realize that most of the time the church they’re writing about is not so much the people of God but the organization. So, can we truly love God without being Christ-like, and can we truly be Christ-like and be so pissed off at the church? 

Here’s a great question (at least I think it’s great). How can the church — the people of God who are supposed to be a reflection of God — look so unlike God? Interesting disconnect. Several years ago a dear fried of mine introduced me to the concept of extending grace to others. I’m sure I’d heard this my entire life but for some reason it never connected until I approached 40. Up until that time I guess I thought that extending grace wasn’t my job but Christ’s. He kept talking about extending the grace of Christ to others through our actions, words, responses, etc. 

What if all of these pissed off people would extend some grace bak to this organization they’re angry with. They seem to understand the concept of grace and embrace the grace that Christ has extended to them, so why not let that grace come full circle? Why allow the disconnect to continue?

There may be more to come on this subject. What are your thoughts?