Just recently a friend and I were talking about God’s level of involvement in the ongoing affairs of the universe. A theologian he’d been talking with believes that God doesn’t know the future, nor is He the kind of “cosmic coordinator of universal events” that many people believe. For God to place Himself in that role strips human beings of the free will He created us with, and He’s unwilling to take away that freedom.

My friend’s view is more of the traditional belief that God is involved in the details of our lives. He believes that as a Christian, God has a plan for his life and his responsibility is to live his life according to that plan. God not only knows the future but He helps him get there. My friend can’t accept the view of the theologian because he thinks it puts God in a very small box. As he put it to me, “My God is bigger than that.”

That debate began an internal conversation for me about God’s knowledge, power and control. His vision into the future. His involvement in our daily lives and actions. Whether or not He has plans for us as individuals. I began to wonder which of these people’s “God box” was bigger, because I’m sure they each believe their view of God is larger than the other’s.

So what are your thoughts? Who has the bigger God, my friend or the theologian? Does God orchestrate every activity in the world; choosing the bad things that happen to some people and the good things that happen to others? Does He rain down difficulty on evil-doers while showering the saints with blessings? Does He take a more passive, hands-off role in the daily routine of our lives and allow the world to function according to what He placed in motion thousands of years ago?

What size box is your God in?