I read Phil’s comment to my last post entitled, Who Needs Church? and I began to wonder what would happen if Barna is right and people in large numbers really became the church and quit assembling themselves together in the buildings we currently call churches. I hate to say this, but I wonder if for many people that’s more of the concern than whether or not people forsake their belief in God.

Although I don’t think we’re going to begin seeing huge numbers of churches going up for sale anytime soon let’s go with this thought of more and more people assembling themselves as the church in homes, restaurants, golf courses or wherever. What’s wrong with that? Are these “new churches” more accessible for their friends? Would they invite their friends into their inner “church” circle? Back to Phil, what about Hebrews 10? Would the writer be ok with church around my kitchen table or at a restaurant with three other couples?

I must confess that part of this sounds very appealing to me. How about you, is this scary or enticing? What are your thoughts?