Last night we celebrated the birthday of our oldest daughter Jessica. As she and I walked toward the restaurant I put my arm around her shoulder and we both agreed how difficult it was to believe she was 25 years old. We laughed about her being a quarter century and how in a few months I would hit the half century mark in my life. Sitting at the table later, after enjoying great food and drink, we relaxed and talked about Jessica’s life. She commented on how old she was getting and Jacque and I laughed, silently understanding how much life and learning she still had in front of her.  

Also on my mind was the upcoming wedding of our son Ryan and how young he is. How can a 21 year old be ready for all that marriage is going to require of him? I’m not sure that matters at this point however. The simple fact is that he’s getting married, ready or not. I’m not sure I was ready at 22, but those were different times as I’ve frequently tried to convince myself — and our kids.

And then there’s our little baby Aimee who just turned 20 last week. How does this happen? I remember when all of them were so dependent on us for everything. Truth is they’re still dependent on us, just not as much as they once were. They still want our advice and more importantly our love. It seems like the older I get the more I want them close by. Not to protect them or rescue them, now I just want to enjoy life with them. I want to experience the routine with them. I want to enjoy a relationship with them that doesn’t include asking if they’ve done their homework or what time they got in last night. I want to be an adult with them. At their ages it now seems possible to be both friend and father. That’s what I want!