I came across this photo this morning. It was taken at the Presbyterian Church in Malibu shortly after the church burned this week. What an unbelievable photograph. It says so much on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. WOW. It’s interesting that as I was looking at this photo a song began playing on my computer (I keep iTunes open most of the day with songs just playing randomly – and I have a lot of random music) called Come See by Michael W. Smith. What an amazing backdrop to this photo — some of the lyrics are:

Come see, Come see with spirit eyes
Come see, The door is open
Come near, Come weary and ashamed
Come near, His arms are open, His arms are open

What an incredible invitation to come to the table, all who are weary, broken, caught in the rubble of life, those who have lost everything or those who have plenty. Come near – His arms are open.